Evergy Successfully Migrates to the MISO MUI 2.0

Marlana Thierry
Project Manager

Two years ago, MISO began its initiative to update its new Market User Interface (MUI). We’re happy to report that Evergy is the first PCI client to transition to the new MUI. With the MISO MUI deadline fast approaching, this blog post will:

  • Help inform you about the progress Evergy and PCI have made together
  • Provide a few words of advice
  • Shed light on the new API advancements the MUI has enabled MISO to add to its future roadmap

MISO MUI Deadline Approaching

But first, let’s talk more about the January 2022 deadline. 

The MISO MUI deadline is for all market participants in the MISO energy and ancillary services markets. Therefore, if your firm interacts with MISO through the MUI API, you will need the 2.0 update. However, MISO will still support the legacy MUI until it is retired. At that point, only the new 2.0 version will be available. 

MISO MUI Timeline
The MISO MUI 2.0 deadline is scheduled for January 2022

MISO Roadmap

With this update, MISO provides a modernized user interface and API, facilitating better performance, reliability, and security. Further, the new API will support future MISO market changes. Significant advancements to MISO’s roadmap include: 

  1. Storage Participation – FERC Order 841 Compliance: The submission and settlement of battery resources 
  2. Distributed Energy Resources (DER) – FERC Order 2222 Compliance: The submission and settlement of distributed energy resources 
  3. Hybrid Resource Participation Model: Addition of hybrid resources into the MISO Market 
MISO Roadmap
MISO has a clear strategy to work towards an integrated roadmap

How Evergy Made Their MUI Migration Successful 

While PCI client Evergy, the largest electric company in Kansas, began its MUI 2.0 update, our team supported them through parallel operations. As a result, there have been no adverse issues generated during the testing period. In addition, Evergy has continued to submit unit offers without any issues reported.   

The best advice I have for anybody making the switch to the updated MISO API is to be heavily engaged with your software vendor, such as PCI, and lean on them through this change. At PCI, we have been engaging our users in roundtable calls and one-on-one user calls as we work through this transition.

We have been especially impressed by Evergy and their approach to this transition. Not only did Evergy provide valuable feedback during the testing phase for MUI 2.0, but their early efforts at making the transition to the new API have also proven successful. This knowledge will benefit all of our users as we successfully migrate our entire MISO user base to the new MISO platform.

Jeremy Pober, MISO Product Manager at PCI

Need Assistance to Meet the MISO MUI Deadline?

If you need advice on hitting the MISO MUI update deadline, email us with any questions. We’d be happy to help!