PJM eDART Refresh

Arun Devarakonda
Senior Manager, Software Development
What is PJM eDART?

PJM’s eDART is an application used to facilitate communication across dispatchers and to assist in coordinating outage events and other operating functions.  PJM allows market participants to interact with the eDART tool either through a browser, or an API interface.


How do external systems interface with eDart?

Presently, PJM provides a “JAVA Browserless Interface” for participants to use when interfacing with external systems, such as PCI’s.  PJM intends to phase out this browserless interface and begin using the “PJM Command Line Interface” instead.  This transition will also include a new user interface for the eDART web portal.  PJM is currently conducting WebEx sessions to review the transmission outage tool and functions. Generation will be tackled next.


Why transition to a new interface type?

PJM has cited the following major drivers behind the eDART interface changes:

  • Incorporate single sign-on functionality
  • Follow PJM enhanced model for Tools
  • Improve PJM Member communication


What API changes does the new interface entail?  How will PCI support them?

Overview of API changes:

  • Instead of two primary endpoints (Upload and Download), PJM will transition to using multiple endpoints.  This way the operation is not determined by the “Action” field but by the endpoint the service is trying to reach.
  • Additionally, PJM will utilize parameters to modify actions being performed (review vs. revise etc.).

PCI will support the new API interface, first via a software update followed by a software release.  These updates are planned for Q1, 2019.

  • PJM Timeline:
    • Tentative Go-live: Late Q2, 2019
    • Member Training & Roll-out: Q2, 2018 – Q2, 2019

Note that these dates are subject to change based on any revisions to the timeline provided by PJM.



User Guide for PJM CLI (Command Line Interface): http://pjm.com/~/media/etools/dr-hub/cli-user-guide.ashx

Latest eDART roadmap: https://pjm.com/-/media/committees-groups/forums/tech-change/20180918/20180918-item-04e-product-roadmap-edart.ashx