SPP Settlement System Replacement Project (SSRP)

Sahij Gadu
Product Manager, SPP

Project Overview

Southwest Power Pool (SPP) has announced a new initiative aimed at replacing its current Market Settlement and Transmission Settlement systems with a single, high performance, scalable platform.  The Settlement System Replacement Project (SSRP) and its new “Settlement Management System (SMS)”, will provide greater flexibility to respond to SPP initiatives and member requests.

Important Information for SPP Members

All existing Settlement APIs and XML files (Market and Transmission) will no longer be supported by the new SMS so, to exchange data exchange with it, SPP members must first implement system and/or process changes that adhere to the new API/XML format changes.  View key SSRP Revision Requests (RR)


  • Draft Tech Specs: 06/25/2018
  • Final Tech Specs: 10/01/2018
  • MTE Unstructured Testing: 01/17/19 – 01/31/19
  • MTE Structured Testing: 02/01/19 – 03/31/19
  • Production Go-live: 05/08/19
Impact on Asset Owners, Market Participants, Meter Agents, Transmission Customers/Owners

In addition to the the key Revision Requests, this initiative includes several member-requested enhancements and design improvements that will impact the applications that fall under the umbrella of the new Settlement Management System.

  1. Asset Owners and Market Participants need to review impacts to these API Web Services:
    • Bilateral Settlement Schedules
    • Meter Data
    • Settlements Reports
    • Notifications
  2. Meter Agents will need to review impacts to these API Web Services:
    • Meter Data
    • Settlements Reports
    • Notifications
  3. Transmission Customers and Transmission Owners who plan on uploading XML files via the Portal Settlements User Interface (UI) must modify their systems, macros (etc.) that produce the XML to adhere to the changes implemented as a result of the project.
  4. Shadow Settlement calculations will need to be updated to account for changes implemented as a result of the Revision Requests as well as modifications to the Settlements APIs.

Since close to 70% of the generating resources and loads in SPP are optimized by PCI, we are actively engaged with the ISO and our SPP clients to ensure that our GenManager bid-to-bill platform supports all changes related to the Settlement System Replacement Project (SSRP).