PJM Market Settlements Reporting System (MSRS) Refresh Project

Monica Jha
Director of Product, Northeast Markets

The PJM Market Settlements Reporting System (MSRS) is a tool used by market participants to retrieve settlements reports and monthly billing statements.  It allows users to access and download settlements reports in a variety of formats.

PJM is looking to do a major refresh of its MSRS starting in Q3, 2019 and has initiated the process by engaging the member community to understand their opinions on MSRS and the usage workflow of the settlement reports.  PJM surveyed its members who responded with overwhelmingly support for the MSRS interface and disagreement with PJM’s earlier proposal to eliminate it.  The survey results were shared during the Market Settlements Subcommittee meeting on August 16.  Due to the strong response, PJM agreed to keep the stakeholders very engaged in the MSRS Refresh design process, since the project will (overall) represent a major overhaul of the settlement system with significant impacts to back office workflows for all Market Participants.

PCI’s GenManager bid-to-bill platform includes robust back office functionality with a Settlement Module that provides end-to-end workflow support for both ISO and non-ISO environments.  PCI Product Development experts continually strive to stay current with all changes in every ISO-controlled market and are actively engaged with PJM to ensure that its planned MSRS-related changes are fully integrated into GenManager.  PCI’s clients in PJM can have strong confidence in continuing their operations with minimal impact due to the MSRS Refresh.