ERCOT to Implement Changes to URLs, External Web Services and SSL Certificates

Thomson Thayil
Product Manager, ERCOT

In ERCOT’s recent IT Forum, a number of pending changes were announced with regard to the MIS, Market Operations Test Environment (MOTE) and the Retail Market Test Environment (RMTE).  These include External Web Services updates, SSL Certificate upgrades and URL changes.  ERCOT has posted more detailed information on its website.


The URLs for MOTE and RMTE are being updated in an effort to standardize the test URLs.  The certificate upgrades are driven by DigiCert having purchased Symantec’s SSL certificate division thus requiring new DigiCert certificates to be issued.  According to the most recent communication from ERCOT, these changes are scheduled to be implemented as follows:


  • On March 7, 2018:  URL changes
  • On April 18,2018:   External Web Services and SSL certificate upgrades


Are you affected?

Any market participant who uses MOTE and RMTE and connects to the ERCOT environment through External Web Services will be affected by these changes.

These changes will not impact market participants who access the MIS directly through a web browser.


PCI will be communicating with all of our ERCOT clients in preparation for these changes and will follow them closely by continuing to participate in Q&A sessions scheduled by ERCOT related to this implementation.