SPP Market Initiatives Impacting Members: Spring, 2018

Sahij Gadu
Product Manager, SPP

SPP will be updating their Market Operations System (MOS) application with Market Release 1.24 and their Market Settlement System (MSS) with release 2.13 on April 19 of this year.  The following Web services will be upgraded to new versions:

  1. Energy
  2. Energy Notify
  3. Market
  4. Market Notify


NOTE:  Old versions will be deprecated shortly after release on May 7.  After that time, participants will not be able to submit and download energy offers until switching to the new Web services versions.

As part of this release, SPP will be providing an icing forecast (MW) for each variable energy resource if it predicts icing conditions to develop.  Per SPP, the traditional wind forecast (MW) will be accompanied along with icing forecast anytime that an icing forecast is created.

Market Settlement System Release (MSS) 2.13 will update the Regulation Deployment Adjustment Amount charge (RR243) to consider mitigated energy offers.  This change eliminates a potential gaming opportunity that the market monitoring group identified.  Additionally, participants with combined cycle (MCR) resources will receive new determinants that will indicate the committed and actual configuration of an MCR for each interval of a commitment.  This will reduce the confusion regarding the offer parameters used by SPP and provide additional transparency into any deviations related to configuration mismatch.

Additional details regarding the upcoming initiatives can be found here:



PCI’s GenManager platform automates and optimizes all front and back office workflows.  among a vast array of capabilities, GenManager functionality includes:

  • Building sets of bid/offer strategies in-advance for consideration in each ISO’s day-Ahead and real-time processes;
  • Verification and shadowing of complex ISO charge codes and invoices;
  • Customization of contract settlements and;
  • Energy accounting of schedules, tags and financial product deals