MISO Moving Forward with a New Timeline for Dispute Resolution

Jeremy Pober
Product Manager, MISO

Recently, MISO has proposed a new time frame for the submission of stakeholder settlement disputes, as well as new timeline around the alternative dispute resolution process.  Specifically, the proposal suggests:

  1. A one-year limit on when a dispute can be submitted and;
  2. A 30-day window for initiating the alternative dispute process after a dispute has been denied.

A primary benefit associated with the new timeline will be increased certainty for stakeholders.  Currently, there is no limit to when a settlement dispute can be raised, which can result in disputes for days farther in the past than one year (resulting in more complicated resettlement situations for the market).  As a result, participants will be in a position where they must submit disputes in a timely manner.

MISO also points to other markets having dispute timelines that address similar concerns, although only one (NYISO) has a timeline of one year or less. SPP, PJM and CAISO each have timelines of two years or greater. Some stakeholders have expressed concerns that MISO’s new timeline will not provide enough time – in some cases – to raise settlement disputes.

PCI’s GenManager settlements software encompasses a comprehensive shadow settlement solution, allowing stakeholders to efficiently research settlement results and (already) submit disputes within the new MISO time frame.  Some of the features of the PCI Settlement software to help research disputes include:

  • Side-by-side comparison of market and shadow settlement calculations
  • Use of independent data sources in the shadow settlement calculations
  • Shadow settlement of the most complicated MISO charge codes
  • Calculation of settlement charge codes for each portfolio asset

MISO will be taking feedback and providing a final proposal at the Market Subcommittee (MSC) meeting on March 8, with an FEC filing scheduled on or about May 1 of this year.  Additional details from the February MISO MSC presentation on this topic can be found by clicking here.