MISO to Launch New Public Website This Month. Secure Your Data Downloads!

Jeremy Pober
Product Manager, MISO

MISO is in the process of unveiling a new public website this month.  As a part of this roll-out, all public data downloads are being transitioned from the current site to the new one.  Market participants that have manual or programmatic downloads of data from the current public website will need to update the URLs associated with those downloads.  For more information straight from MISO, click here.


PCI will be releasing a software update to accommodate this MISO website change.


Our development team will continue to tie together important milestones on the MISO timeline with the development of our MISO product platform and post updates here on PCI’s blog (in addition to alerting clients directly via email).  Please feel free to bookmark the blog site and/or, click on the RSS icon at the bottom right of any blog page to copy it to your news feed.  This will allow you to automatically be alerted when new posts come into PCI’s blog.